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UPDATED: 1-09-2016
Please contact: Justin Eisenhardt at 269-501-5225 with any and all of you questions....
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WELCOME to the Official home of the
"Paladino Mastiff"
In 2011 the Paladino Mastiff was created, combining 10 years of selective breeding using Mastiff and Terrier breeds. Created is a Fearless, Powerful, Agile, Sociable, and Family Protection Companion. 
The Paladino Mastiff has an innate love of people, instilled with social ability and versatility as a part of his heritage.  Specifically bred not to be aggressive towards people and animals with and easy going attitude. Thus ensuring ease of handling and sociability in the outgoing lifestyles many of our customers have. Whether you are someone looking for an Amazing family Companion to provide piece of mind and home Security or a Working Home participating in Performance dog Sporting, Personal Protection or Hunting, the Paladino Mastiff has the versatility to excel in all types of lifestyles.
"MCK's Major"
(Lexus x Mugan)
Pictured Below at 1 Year old

MCK's Major (Lexus x Mugan) & MCK's Mugan (Skyla x Prince)
Along with the Paladino’s easy disposition comes an adaptable people oriented attitude. With proper introduction and common sense supervision they usually get along with just about everything and everyone.  The breed has a particular fondness for children.  Our dogs love no more than to just sit out front of their home and watch the children play for hours, or go to the beach to swim and play with their family.
asp          MCK's MUGSY
The Paladino Mastiff is a sociable family dog yet independent with strong guardian instincts.  More than anything this breed needs early socialization and training.  Our Paladino Mastiff breeding program revolves around Extreme socialization by our entire family as well as our 4 children, Interaction with other animals, as well as an indoor/outdoor start on Potty Training. All puppies are put through a Temperament and Aptitude Test prior leaving our home.
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MCK's Monkey (Chevy x Blue) & MCK's Chevy (Missy x BJ) 
Our Paladino Mastiff's are Structurally Sound, Versatile, LOYAL, Family Protection Companions.
MCK's Major (Lexus x Mugan) & MCK's Hunter (Chupa x Gunner)
The Paladino is protective by nature and takes responsibility for what happens in his domain whatever that may be.  You have to teach them how that works in the modern world. Socialization is the answer.  Socialization teaches appropriate behavior, including what is and isn’t a threat, what is normal and what isn’t.  A dog is only a good protector if it is protective in appropriate situations.
B an
MCK's Spartan                  MCK's Tank
Versatility is a must with two such distinct sides of his personality; the Paladino Mastiff requires an educated owner who understands the breed’s dual psyche.  But informed, educated owners who enjoy a wide variety of activities often love the athletic, powerful, sociable and protective Paladino.  They are excellent sport dogs, versatile, handler-sensitive, and highly trainable.  The Paladino wants to please you and can be as active as you want them to be, no matter what you’re doing.
MCK's Prince our Foundation apbt

Most of all the Paladino thrives on interaction with their family and will languish if shunt away.  You need to spend time with your dog. The Paladino Mastiff love their owners, they are a shadow watching everything you do.  They crave attention and companionship.  They are inseparable from their owners and devoted to their families.  Making the Paladino Mastiff your first choice for a Family Protection Companion. 
MCK's Monkey - MCK's Blue - MCK's Chevy
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MCK's GUAPO (Kate X Prince)

Health is the top priority at Mind Changing kennel. Nothing is spared when it comes to our puppies Health, and we will stop at nothing to give you the healthiest puppy available. Our continuous improvement, cleanliness and Safety of our Kennel and Facility is key to the developmental Health of your puppy. All of our dogs / puppies are provided with a  2 year Congenital Health Guarantee, and a life time of breeder support
MCK's Major & MCK's Prince READY TO GO!!!!!
 Our Paladino Mastiffs are providing many families and military homes with the home and family protection you have come to know and expect from the MCKennel breeding program. Our unique combination of Looks, Drive and Family Loyalty is what has made our Paladino Mastiffs what they are today! Thank You Everyone!!
The Paladino Mastiff is a rare breed and may not be for everyone or every family.  Call us for an interview to see if this is the right breed of dog for your family and lifestyle.  Remember, you are not just buying a puppy you are buying a family member as well as joining an elite group of proud owners of a Paladino Mastiff.

Please contact Justin Eisenhardt at 269-501-5225 with any and all of your questions, we are here to help you make the best decision. 
MCK's Monkey (Chevy x Blue) & MCK's Blue (Kate x Prince)
Please Contact:
 Justin Eisenhardt

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